Foam Board Accessories



Buy Foam Board Accessories is your trusted source for all things foamboard. We stock a large supply of foam board design and cutting tools. The Cutawl machine is perfect for rotary and flat die cuts.

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Working with Foam Board

Working with foam board for presentations, POP displays, kisks, phot-mounting media and art backing requires the use of accessories. From designing and creating your work to finishing and presenting it you need many accessories - from knives, straight-edges and cutters to trim lineals and corner forms.

Foam Board Accessories

-Design & Cutting Tools

> Cutawl Machines - The Cutawl gives you freedom of design when you need precision cuts in your foam board.

> Rulers and Safety Straight Edges - The "Sooper Edge" 28" Safety Ruler Has Easy To Read Markings, A Stainless Steel Cutting Edge, And Non-Slip
Grip Tape To Prevent Unwanted Movement while cutting foam board.

 > Olfa Knives - The Original Heavy-Duty Cutter. Contoured handle includes a ratchet wheel blade locking mechanism. Great for foam board.

> Hot Wire Cutters - Use this for cutting shapes and patterns in any non- paper faced foam board.

-Lineals, Cornerforms, Easels & Sign Holders

> Trim Lineal & Systems - Finish your mounted piece with an easy to use trim lineal.

> Hinge Connectors - Made of dual durometer plastic, Dual Grip Connectors use exclusive gripping teeth to connect and grip panels firmly.

> Cornerfroms & Cornerfits - Used for exhibits, fixtures and temporary walls, Cornerforms is a strong and simple fastening system for 1/2” panels.

> Velcro, Hangers & Tape - Velcro Hook and Loop system is used for hanging items and make a changeable display .

> Double Wing Easels - Use the double wing easel to create free standing counter cards or POP displays.

> Sign Holders
- Use this with our Coroplast for political, real estate, and other outdoor signs.

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